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~*IP*~: otchaos.no-ip.org
~*Website*~: otschaospage.no-ip.org	
~*Port*~: 7171 
~*Client*~: Tibia 8.60 or Cutom client 
~*Uptime*~: 24/7 so far unless there's an update
~*Hosted in*~: USA 100MB fiber line 99.9% uptime 
~*Exp rate*~:50x 
~*Map*~: Custom
~*Loot rate*~: Custom 
~*Server type*~: Extremely Custom MUST play to understand 
~*Skills & Magic rates*~: Different for each vocation 

E-Mail of Admin Chaos: otchaos@gmail.com
E-Mail of Admin Oscar: oscar.castellhoff@hotmail.com
Facebook - Oscar Castellhoff
Twitter O_Castellhoff
For Donations message Admin Oscar


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the server, you agree to these rules whether or not you read them.	
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